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Who provides physical therapy care?
Each patient is evaluated and if necessary, re-evaluated, by licensed physical therapy. Only as is appropriate your care could be transferred to a licensed physical therapy assistant, working closely with the physical therapist, to assure continuity of care.

When you are assigned to a physical therapist you will remain with that physical therapist throughout the length of your rehabilitation. Only during times of emergency or vacation coverage would you be assigned to another therapist.

All patients have the option of being assigned to the therapist of their choice.

Communication with your referring physician:
It is your therapist responsibility to maintain sufficient communication with your referring physician to insure quality of care. When you are returning to your referring physician, your therapist will complete a Progress Report. Please remember to ask for this Progress Report. Generally you will be given your Progress Report that you might hand it to the referring physician. The referring physician will then sign the Progress Report with any changes in your prescribed therapy program and will return it with you for your next physical therapy visit.
Do I need a referral to come to physical therapy?
In the state of North Carolina a referral from a physician is not required in order to receive physical therapy evaluation or treatment. Some exceptions do occur. Medicare always requires a referral to obtain physical therapy services. This referral may come from an M.D., a Physician Assistant, a Clinical Nurse (affiliated with an MD), Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Podiatrist, or Optometrist. In addition, some insurance companies require a referral to provide insurance coverage. You should call your insurance company to determine whether or not you are required to have a referral for coverage.
What does a physical therapist do?
Physical therapists are experts trained in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction. They are trained specifically to improve movement and function, relieve pain, and expand movement potential. Physical therapy is often the treatment of choice in situation where pain impairs function, and recovering from an injury or surgery, and in recovering from a disease process or illness. Physical therapists also teach adaptive and physical coping skills in dealing with impaired function from a disease, injury, or illness.
What should I expect on my first visit?
On your first visit, your therapist will perform a thorough evaluation of the problem. The evaluation involves a history, certain tests and measurements, postural and movement analysis, and palpation to determine muscular and joint involvement. Following the evaluation these findings will be discussed with you and a physical therapy Plan of Care will be developed by you and your therapist. Treatment is rendered on the first visit as appropriate. You will be asked to sign your initial Plan of Care indicating that you have been instructed in your goals, as well as Plan of Care.
What type of treatment will I receive?
Treatment is based on the initial evaluation findings, along with on going re-assessment and evaluation. Treatment may consist of a variety of hands-on joint and soft tissue treatment techniques, exercise techniques, and pain reducing modalities. Treatments are designed to increase motion and strength, reduce pain, and most importantly restore function. Patient’s are typically involved in an active exercise program at home and are educated in ways to speed recovery and prevent recurrence of the problem.
How long will each visit last?
The first session will last approximately one hour, including check-in time. Subsequent sessions are ½ to 1 hour in length.
When is the best time to start physical therapy?
Typically treatment should begin as early as possible. Treating a problem early helps to prevent it from becoming chronic and prevention of future problems. This decreases the length of time you may require treatment and reduces health care cost.
Should I ask my doctor to refer if I think I may need therapy?
Definitely! If you have a problem you think might be helped by physical therapy, ask your doctor to give us a call and we will help you to determine if this is a problem that may be helped by physical therapy.
Will my insurance cover physical therapy?
Most insurance companies do cover physical therapy services. The amount and type of coverage varies. It is always best to check with your insurance company regarding specific coverage guidelines. Our office staff will also verify your specific coverage guidelines prior to your first visit if you are referred by a referring physician.
How can I make an appointment?
Give us a call at 704-788-3414 and our office staff will assist you in setting up an appointment.
Can I choose what physical therapist I go to?
Absolutely! The decision of where you receive treatment is yours. If you have a specific therapist or practice you would like to go to, you should let your doctor or insurance company know this. Not all physical therapists, or practices, are the same and the choice of your provider is yours. Sometimes your physician will recommend a specific therapist or practice to you, sometimes your insurance company will require you to go to a specific therapist or practice. You always have the right to ask for a specific provider. If we are not “in network” with your specific insurance company, many have out of network options that still provide coverage.
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